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WestJet Services 3: In Flight

As WestJet’s slogan states:  “When we say ‘Welcome Aboard’,
we’re not just being polite!” 

In my personal experience, that statement certainly does show!   The Stewards always demonstrate a sincere and helpful attitude.  Just as you enter the plane, friendly stewards will direct you to your seat with a smile or two. For the People who have low vision WestJet has something they can use. There is a tactile reading system of raised dots that is on a passenger safety briefing card on board all fleet aircraft. Braille row markers are currently being installed across the fleet as well. I think this is an awesome idea. When you get to your assigned seat, you may stow up to two carry on bags which is very handy as most airlines only allow you ONE, EH?

 The Stewardess (the lady on the plane) will ensure all of your bags are stowed safely, check that you have your seat belts on securely, ask if you’d like a blanket or pillow for the flight and show you that WestJet’s magazine Up! is in the seat-pocket in front of you.  Then they do an in-flight safety demonstration during which they carefully remind you of all of your exits and how to use an oxygen mask.  Shortly after this, stewards come down the aisle to offer ear-bud type earphones to purchase should you desire so you can watch WestJet’s live satellite television with channels about sports, news, etc. Or, you can watch the latest Hollywood blockbusters with their new pay-per-view movies. All movies and television are captioned for those hard of hearing or for those select few who like to have subtitles.
There is an extra baggage allowance for wheelchairs, braces, crutches, walkers and canes, along with other assisting devices.  Also, within Canada, WestJet will allow a maximum of two guests that require oxygen on each flight. Oxygen cylinders are considered carry-on baggage however and cannot go in cargo. 
Service dogs are also allowed on board but you must provide documentation to prove the dog is for service.  Regular small pets are also allowed but must be in their kennel at all times during the flight.  You need to call WestJet at
1-800-581-9499 to include your family pet in your travel plans.

WestJet provides a delicious on-board food service for most flights that are longer than 3 hours.  Reasonably priced food items could include turkey or roast beef sandwiches and snacks such as pepperoni and licorice.  You can buy their fly ‘n buy vouchers at the airport or simply pay by credit card.

Finally, there is no on-board Internet, but passengers are allowed to use their battery-operated laptops during any flight only once the captain designates it safe to do so as they could interfere with the airplanes controls.

WestJet tries to make their guests feel more at home with movies, television, food, comfy seating arrangements, good storage, helpful service and modern conveniences. All of these come together to make a unique and pleasant experience every time.

For even more information than I could ever hope to give check out this awesome link below!

How do you feel about WestJets statement "when we say welcome aboard we are not just being polite"? 

Do you feel they live up to this statement?

How do you feel about the Oxygen tank rule?

Do you feel safe with a tank of compressed air on board?, Why?, Why not?

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